That's me on the right. The little person is my son. I'm not sure you'd want him to take your picture. He'd probably just shove the camera in his mouth.


I'm a photographer with bases in London and Hampshire, specialising in actors' headshots. I prefer to work in natural light so the majority of my shoots take place outdoors on location.


Alongside my photography business I work as an actor, with 15 years under my belt both onstage and in TV and film. 


I've never particularly enjoyed having my own headshots taken. I think it's something to do with being forced to be myself in front of the camera, which a lot of actors I know aren't that comfortable with. I always try to eliminate this pressure from my shoots. Essentially, if you book to have your photo taken by me, you'll spend a few hours being creative, having fun and generally mucking about. Oh yeah, and you'll get some awesome pictures at the end.