£250.00 (Students £225.00)


For this you get:


The shoot. Usually between 2 and 3 hours long. 400+ pictures taken. Time always allowed for coffee and cigarette breaks. Whatever you need.


I'll take a mixture of classic portrait shots and increasingly popular US style landscape shots (which I personally really enjoy shooting).


All photographs will then be uploaded to a private online gallery (minus the ones where I catch you blinking and laughing like a loon. Although these can be uploaded too if you like...). They will be pre-cropped to the industry standard size of 10"x8".


You then choose three pictures from the gallery which I will then fully develop for you. This includes blemish removal (spots, eye bags, etc), and colour processing. Black and white and colour hi-res copies of the selected pictures will then be emailed to you. 


Then it's time for you to upload the pictures to Spotlight and gloat to your friends about how many auditions you've suddenly started to get.


Mike Fenner

Cai Dale